Why Use The Newman Airhead?


Explore the many advantages the Newman Airhead™ provides...
  • very neat, tidy aesthetics, unlike the cumbersome "bungee-cam" rig
  • easy, straightforward "change over" time, from other heads or configurations
  • "hand-held" ability at difficult heights, or difficult locations, such as a stairwell, or in a tight corner
  • dolly mounted - "jib" smoothly through the action, without sacrificing the operator's knees
  • the confidence to walk away knowing your camera will remain just as you leave it
  • the ability to make mag, tape, disc or card changes as simple as can be
  • opening frames which are the same from take to take, maintaining all focal lengths and marks
  • relief from the exhausting process of a hand held project using even the heaviest cameras and configurations

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SIM Video         Panavision         William F. White

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