Newman Airhead™The Newman Airhead™ is a simple advancement on the many creative ways we cheat the “handheld” look. If your camera has ever been placed on a tennis ball, soccer ball, sand bag, or C-stand to achieve the look and feel of a handheld shot, you are familiar with the list of complications this entails:

  • an additional set of hands to “take the camera” between shots.
  • the inability to “hold the frame”, so the shot may be discussed at a monitor, etc.
  • the slight variance in frames from take to take, thus affecting focus marks.
  • the potential struggle that ensues when changing mags, tapes, cards, or disks.
  • the inability to perform a smooth vertical movement, especially multiple takes.
  • the general lack of “locked down” capability

The Newman Airhead™ is quite simply an industrial strength air bladder, sandwiched between a precise Mitchell Mount on the bottom, and a Ronford-Baker quick release on top. A high quality bearing provides smooth panning , as well as, a strong pan lock-off.
Add to this the fact that the P.S.I. of the Newman Airhead™ can be adjusted very quickly, giving you the ability to change the feel and ‘effect’ to suit various camera weights. With an O’Connor style handle rosette on either side, the Airhead has many different operating options, including double handled.


Newman Airhead™Explore the many advantages the Newman Airhead™ provides…

  • very neat, tidy aesthetics, unlike the cumbersome “bungee-cam” rig
  • easy, straightforward “change over” time, from other heads or configurations
  • “hand-held” ability at difficult heights, or difficult locations, such as a stairwell, or in a tight corner
  • mounted on a dolly, the ability to “jib” smoothly through the action, without sacrificing the operator’s knees
  • the confidence to walk away knowing your camera will remain just as you leave it
  • the facility to make mag, tape, disc or card changes as simple as can be
  • opening frames which are the same from take to take, maintaining all focal lengths and marks
  • relief from the exhausting process of a hand held project with even the heaviest cameras and configurations

The Newman Airhead™ is precision machined and anodized aluminium, incorporating a genuine Ronford-Baker quick release plate, O’Connor handle rosettes, and Mitchell castle nut mount. You are already familiar with these high quality, industry standard, primary components. Add a genuine Firestone bladder, rated for far heavier a load than those of us in the film industry will ever encounter, and you have a very simple, yet very effective tool to maximize your shots.

Newman Airhead™This head is already proving it’s value on sets with a wide range of camera bodies including the ARRI 235, 435, 535, Red Camera, Movie cam, Sony HD900, and the Genesis Camera.

At last, operators are finding it easy and straightforward to achieve hand-held shots with heavy cameras, long lenses, mounted monitors, and all the accessories, without inducing back pain from a full day’s schedule, let alone a full length project.

It should be noted that the Newman Airhead™ is not for every shot, but you will find that for the shots where it can be helpful, it really is.


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